The Performance Series - Malaysia (Race 1: Penang)

So last Sunday (09/07/17), The Performance Series(TPS) - Malaysia, Race 1 took place at Penang, Malaysia.

As we all know, Penang is Malaysia's food haven with it's delicious food such as Char Koay Teow, Asam Laksa, Hokkien Mee, Cendol, Oh Chien, Lobak, Nasi Kandar and many more!
(First part of this post will be about our food adventure, if you would like to skip to the running part, look at the second part.)

I would like to appologise for the late posting because I was lazy just had so much to write and too many pictures to share.

Eat, eat, eat
My group of friends drove up to Penang from KL for the weekend to participate in the run and also to satisfy their food cravings. They had planned this trip months back and everybody was so excited for the trip. Since I was based in Penang for work, it was convenient for me to meet up with them and become their local food guide(although not a good/adventurous one).
There were 18 of us so we booked the whole house/shoplot through Airbnb …

My First Full Marathon at Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2017

Running a Full Marathon - ✔

Ticked off the bucket list of things to do before I die.

I finally ran my first Full Marathon last Sunday (21/05/2017) at the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2017. Being my first FM, my target was to complete it under 5 hours. Was I being too ambitious? Maybe. I actually completed 42KM in 5:08:36, not bad for a virgin FM-er eh? However, my GPS watch tracked 43.17KM in 5:06:56. According to my friend, our GPS watch is slightly inaccurate as some parts of the course are not tracked by the GPS.

I was supposed to have 2 others running kakis to run FM with me this year but they missed the registration date. Slots were sold out so quickly this year! Despite me reminding them to sign up every now and then, they still missed it 😠. We were past participants for the previous year so we had the opportunity to pre-register before the slots opened.

Anyway, went to collect my racepack on Thursday afternoon at KL…

Bukit Jalil Half Marathon 2017

One year ago, I took part in this half marathon together with my good running buddy, Jo-Lyn. I remember finishing it under 3 hours, was struggling at 17-18km because I remembered that the route had many hills and I had very bad cramps. Was almost limping/walking/running/crawling to the finish line and this dude came up to me to console me, saying I did my best, keep up the good work, you can do it etc.. I thought:" Damn, I must look like I'm in such a bad shape now that people had to pity me...".

This year, the organisers changed the route. We flagged off at Bukit Jalil Stadium instead of the Bukit Jalil park like last year.

Woke up around 3.30am to have breakfast and hopefully use the toilet before heading to the race venue. Had some bread, coffee and banana for breakfast. Unfortunately, stomach was relatively calm, didn't feel like releasing any "big" one.

My friend Han Qi picked me and Jo up and off we went to Bukit Jalil Stadium. We reached around 5am …

Bye 2016... Hello 2017

Alas... An update!

The only reason you are here is because you have no access to Dota 2(you want to play on the new update and hero so badly),you are bored and you just want to update your blog for the sake of it
*10 points to Gryffindor*

To sum up 2016:

> Spent most of the time at the North due to work
> went hiking, like ALOT (nearly got lost one time... to blog about it)
> Taiwan with family for CNY
> Vietnam with bro for a fortnight
> running alot (another post SOLEly for it... soon)
> Distant Worlds - Music from Final Fantasy 2016 at Singapore

Aspirations for 2017: Participate in at least 2 Full Marathons and complete them without injury